XTreme Drone Racing – full play through!

Here it is! XTreme Drone Racing is finally finished. This game took our team of (at first 24, then for the final 3 months 12) 7 months to complete using Sony Phyre Engine.

A list of the elements I worked on are below:

Camera (including the different views)
Particles (via my particle manager), including configuring them for the PS4.
Coloured checkpoint colour switch
Configuring the rendering pipeline (such as providing additive alpha blending for particles, checkpoints and lights)
Custom shaders, including for water, the wind trail shaders, the emissive shaders for the pickups, lightmaps, and the shaders on the checkpoints.
Dynamically rendered meshes, texturing (via setting UV coordinates) and animation of the wind trails, taking into account the different colours of the trails on the AI, player and elite AI.

Of course as the graphics programmer and VFX lead my responsibilities also included organising several meetings with programmers, artists and executives, and managing my team and their workload.

Enjoy the video!

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