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I am a senior C++ programmer working at Inspired Entertainment. My duties involve me developing, debugging and reviewing C++ code and committing it to source control, so that its functionality within the context of games under development may be reviewed by our quality assurance teams.me2 I am also involved in testing and analysing the statistics of our games under development, which is a necessary test due to their inherent stochasticity.

I have thus far contributed to the development a number of retail slots and table games including Chief, Black Dragon, Fruit Climber and Ninja Monkey, which involves expanding reels and became the face of the new ‘Flex’ curved-screen cabinet. I have also developed a number of in-house tools to aid game development using C# with WPF (Windows Presentation Format).

I have ten years of prior programming experience as a computational biologist, where I developed simulation models using systems of ordinary differential equations and (spatial) individual-based modelling techniques. A lot of my data analysis used Bayesian techniques to draw conclusions (including Markov-chain Monte Carlo), and I was constantly developing software tools and scripts for this analysis. I have published in peer-reviewed scientific journals (see the publications section on the given LinkedIn link).

I previously studied at the Gamer Camp Pro course at Birmingham NTI (, a course endorsed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), Codemasters, Rare, Exient, TT Fusion, FreeStyleGames, Lab42, PlayMob and UKIE. I co-developed a racing game called XTreme Drone Racing for the PS4 using Sony Phyre engine and an action platformer for iOS called Picatsso . I was the code liason and lead for the programming team. On both games I contributed to the graphics programming, camera programming, gameplay programming and AI programming. I was also a liaison between the code team and the executive team on both projects.

Picatsso: a single screen platformer released on iOS and appropriately named by yours truly.

Programming skills in C/C++, C#, Java,  Python, Perl, CG/HLSL, R, Matlab, Unix bash shell.

Game engines: Inspired proprietary engine, Unity, Cocos 2dx, Phyre (TM), OGRE, have dabbled in Unreal 4. I Am also familiar with DirectX 12.

I have given oral presentations/seminars at scientific conferences including the American Phytopathology society (, the European Foundation for Plant Pathology ( and at the Population Genetics Group (

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