Below is a list of my publications from when I was a Ph.D student and post-doc in academia. The titles contain links to the publications themselves, and most are open access.

Peer Review

Conference publications

Poster presentations

  • J. L., Fuller D. Q., Brown. T. A., Allaby R. G. (2012) Agrisims: simulating crop domestication using individual-based modelling. SMBE 2012, Convention centre, Dublin, Ireland.
  • J., Warwicker. J. (2007) Phosphorylation, charge interactions and effects on conformation. FLS research Symposium, University of Manchester.
  • J., Warwicker. J. Protein phosphorylation and structural stabilisation. (2006). Collaborative Computational Project for Biomolecular Simulation (CCPB) annual conference, University of Nottingham.
  • J., Bougouffa. S., Bray. T., Greaves. R., Chan. P., Walker. D., Warwicker. J. Structure, function and environment of proteins. (2006). FLS Molecules to Cells departmental poster session, University of Manchester.

 Oral presentations/seminars

  • “Quantifying the resistance risks associated with systemic seed treatments: a modelling analysis” (APS conference, Pasadena, August 2015).
  • “Quantifying the resistance risks associated with systemic seed treatments: a modelling analysis” (11th conference of the foundation for european plant pathology, Krakow, Poland, September 8th 2014).
  • Agrisims: Simulating the crop domestication process” (Complexity seminar series, The University of Warwick, 2013).
  • Agrisims: Simulating crop domestication using Individual-based modeling.” (Popgroup annual conference, The University of Glasgow, 2012).
  • “Structural Environments around phosphorylation sites.” (Molecular biophysics seminar series, The Indian institute of science, Bangalore, India, 2009).
  • Charge environments around phosphorylation sites and their effect on protein-protein interactions. (Bioinformatics departmental symposium, The University of Manchester, 2008).
  • A continuum electrostatics approach to prediction of protein phosphorylation. (FLS Bioinformatics seminar series, The University of Manchester, 2006).