HLSL Shaders (Maya and Phyre Engine)

I am the graphics programmer on the team for Xtreme Drone Racing and am writing shaders for the game. One of my tasks is to provide a shader program to simulate water, and I am doing so using .fx shader files and a collada export plug-in for Maya. It currently uses four sin waves to displace the vertices and normals to provide waves uses Phong lighting, and a panning normal map (using rotational normal manipulation). Full reflectivity as a post processing effect seems superfluous as the water will be a background prop.

Unity Shaders

The video demonstrates shaders for Phong lighting, Rim lighting, water ripples and texturing.

I have written lighting and texturing shaders at home using CG in Unity editor to simulate lighting, reflectivity, water ripples and for texturing. For more detailed information about my work on shaders see my Shader Primer.

Demonstration video (short)

Demonstration video (long)

You can download a demo at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jk-shaders-demo/