Me and some friends wanted to make a cooking game, this is where we ended up!

View recipes in the menu (hit Esc), drag ingredients into the bowl, and chop fruit up first. Remember to turn on the pan and stir. Try and do it in time, and don’t forget to clean up before the next customer! (Hit “Reset”).

This is the first soley UI game I have made with Unity. For managing the animation events, I made an Animation Manager class that is comprised of a number of smaller classes that provide interpolation based animations, and call a callback function once they are finished. I normally used C# lambdas to define these callbacks. For example, for when the score panel comes up:

I also had a Quality Checker class that was aware of various scoring criteria, such as how much time was left, were the correct ingredients used, was the pan on, was the fruit suitably cooked, etc. It used a bit mask to keep track of all of these.

Sadly other committments meant my friends didn’t have time for creating art assets, but it made a nice little prototype!

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