Unity Beat Em Up game!

Its been a while since I made a Beat Em Up game, and I wanted to have a better go at it, making much more portable, maintainable and scaleable systems (compared to my first attempt, which was none of those!)

For example I am using a generic “ComboAnimationManager” object, that takes “Sprite set” components and swaps the attack sprite based on which combo number you are on (it is generic, as I have been able to use the same thing for the fists in my Doom game). This game is therefore more meta-data driven: the amount of damage each attack does is completely configurable via Damage entities/prefabs. The forces for jumping, being knocked back, etc, are also completely configurable by the editor. My idea was basically to do as much “programming” via systems like this in the editor, for greater flexibility!

Collisions (preventing the player from moving out of bounds) and jumping are done via the internal physics engine. The enemies currently don’t have any collision meshes around them, but they are aware of the ones in the scene. Then I have AI states and animation states as before. For the movement of the baddy, I wanted him to move around smoothly, hence used a non-linear interpolation, but then wanted the FPS of his movement animation to change with the amount he is moving, as it would in reality! The way to get the rate of course is to differentiate the lerp function, and then you can scale the animation FPS by the derivative.

This is in a VERY early stage, but it is proving fun to make!

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